Why It’s Important to Have Travel Insurance

There is a huge percentage of people who travel abroad each year, and there are also families who migrate to other countries for good. It is then possible that friends, parents, and other family members may visit them. But, because every country has a different climate, lifestyle, and food, travelers often fall sick. Apart from this, with the long flights, the travelers may feel weak and out of place, especially if proper care is not taken. Travelers access standard medical insurances which do not provide coverage when an individual traveling gets sick in a foreign land. This is the factor as to why a visitor health insurance has been put in place to cater for the problems travelers experience on foreign states.

Traveler health insurance is a little different from the conventional health insurance that people take.

Benefits enjoyed by the holders of the insurance cover are that since the medical treatment is very expensive there, the medical costs incurred in the Third World countries are very low as compared to the costs in the aforementioned developed nations. This is mainly because of the level of sophistication and medical facilities that are obtainable for service.

Traveler health insurance is very useful on the off chance that the traveler needs to maintain a strategic distance from pointless cost on the same treatment. On the off chance that a man goes to a foreign state abroad and plans to stay there for over a month and is not going by anyone specifically, it turns out to be considerably more important to take traveler insurance. The traveler medical insurance makes sure that the traveler doesn’t spend on expensive hospitals.

If a person is visiting somebody, he or she can still be rest assured that the medical bill will be taken care of by the family or friend. While, if the individual has gone alone for a seminar, assignment, or trip, the traveler health insurance will keep the bills low.

Finding the Right Insurance

Finding the right medical insurance for travelers can be extremely tough as they are new to the land. In such cases it’s best to surf the internet to make a list of the most genuine companies that offer such kind of insurance. There are also numerous websites that offer contact information of insurance agencies and also provide the customer with an estimated value of different insurances. The value is normally calculated keeping certain things in mind. These include who else is traveling with the person, whether the person has traveled to that state before, the total duration of the previous trips to a state abroad of his or her best choice. The reimbursement offered by the insurance companies differs from person to person, depending on exact age, background, and such factors. Also, there is a different insurance for people who are above the age of 75.

Before selecting a visitor health insurance from a company, it’s very important to research about it on the web. Collect as much information as possible and then based on the info take a decision. There is no need to settle for less as there are thousands of companies to choose from.

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Medical Summaries

Our legally trained nurses dig through piles of medical records and pull out just what matters, creating medical summaries, appropriate lists, and valuable analysis in preparation for any phase of litigation. Medical summaries provide our clients with an easy-to-read narrative document that tells the story from a medical perspective. Because medical records are simply an account of what happened, medical summaries are objective and contain just the facts.

Great at any phase
Whether you are looking for a determination of merit, substantiation for mediation or settlement, or ammunition for trial, Med Legal’s Medical Summaries give you the well-organized, clear information you need. Our diverse team of Legal Nurse Consultants work together to present you with a medical summary that addresses all of your case issues, but is easy enough for any jury to understand – all based on your case medical records.

Critical to litigation
Without medical training, reviewing medical records can be arduous, but is certainly critical to your case. Understanding accident-related injuries, pre-existing injuries, the standards of care, future complications, and medical evidence of conditions such as toxic exposure is the key to providing your clients with the outcomes they deserve. Med Legal’s Medical Summary is your locksmith.

More than a synopsis
When you request a Medical Summary from Med Legal, you not only get a synopsis of the medical records, you gain the insight of a medical professional. With years of clinical experience, our nurses know the medicine of your case first-hand, allowing them to quickly and easily diagnose your case strengths and weaknesses. Their familiarity with medical records also allows them to navigate through your records with ease, leaving no stone unturned or issue unresolved. At the time of litigation, the analysis and intuition provided in your medical summary will be just the edge you need to get a successful resolution.

Identify strengths and weaknesses
Med Legal Medical Summaries provide you with discussions of the pertinent facts with integrated research, identification of future care needs, and a strong conclusion that validates the strength of your case. These reports can be generated for cases ranging from Toxic Tort, to Product Liability, to Personal Injury. For each, we identify strengths and weaknesses, present you with opposing counsel’s potential arguments, and point you to the exact medical records that will aid in a favorable outcome.

Clarify Terminology
Medical records are often full of unclear medical abbreviations, terminology and lab work surrounding critical elements of your case. Our Medical Summaries clarify medical terminology in addition to explaining medical procedures, complications, and standards. With this clarity, you can proceed confidently into the litigation process.

Efficient and Effective
By using Med Legal’s Medical Summaries, you cut down on your preparation time considerably. Instead of riffling through hundreds or thousands of pages of medical records to find key information, simply read the concise and thorough Medical Summary that we prepare for you and gain a complete understanding of all medical aspects of your case. And, because you get both an electronic and hard copy version of Med Legal’s Medical Summaries, you can quickly and easily share this document with co-counsel, staff and experts, and even opposing counsel.

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Life Care Planning

A life care plan is a dynamic document that provides a concise plan for current and future needs, with associated costs, for individuals who have experienced catastrophic injury or have chronic health care needs. Life care plans are based on published standards of practice, comprehensive assessment, data analysis, and research. Every life care plan is tailored to the patient’s unique current and anticipated needs through their life expectancy.

Life Care Planning requires an expert that can balance complex medical issues with both the scope of the big picture and the depth of the details. The Life Care Planner must have the ability to articulate every detail into one critical, reliable Life Care Plan, as it is significant to an injured person’s future and to the medical damages of your case. Creating an accurate and sustainable Life Care Plan is a challenge, and choosing the right Life Care Planner can prove difficult. Likewise, rebutting overzealous Life Care Plans that are not medically founded requires an experienced eye, and selecting a Life Care Planner to refute unsubstantiated Life Care Plans can be challenging.

Med Legal has made it easy.

Med Legal’s Life Care Planning department is staffed with experienced, diversified, and certified Life Care Planners, so you don’t have to spend time searching and vetting your own Life Care Planners. We’ve done that for you.

Med Legal also offers you a choice: Graduated levels of Life Care Plans and Life Care Plan rebuttals that fit your budget and case needs. From simple Damage Calculators, Cost Projections and Mini Life Care Plans to the more comprehensive Full Life Care Plans, Med Legal has an option and service that is right for you.

Our scaled down versions of Life Care Plans are being used to revolutionize the way attorneys on both sides of the bar approach mediation and settlement. Damage Calculators, Cost Projections and Mini Life Care Plans are highly effective litigation tools in non-catastrophic cases, helping you to understand the reasonable needs of the plaintiff and to access the potential damages early in the life of the claim.

Using Med Legal’s holistic approach, our Certified Life Care Planners pour over medical records and bills, conduct professional evaluations, and utilize the most up-to-date databases to accurately determine the costs for all future care needs. Every consideration is taken in order to provide you with a Life Care Plan or Life Care Plan rebuttal that is substantiated, reliable, and clear. After all, accurate planning makes a lifetime of difference.

Contact us to learn how Med Legal can make your Life Care Planning easier and more accurate.

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Medical Bill Review

Reviewing medical bills for injuries cases is no small task, but Med Legal’s coders and auditors in the Medical Billing Review Department make it easy.

Medical bills are often difficult to understand, and the standard for determining charges can be ambiguous. Med Legal’s Medical Billing Review Department is an invaluable resource to understanding your case’s medical bills. Whether you need to simply know what was charged in total, how the charges compare to the services rendered, or how they compare to regional and national charge and reimbursement norms, Med Legal’s experienced medical bill review team takes out all of the guesswork. Our vetted coders understand the impact medical bills can have on litigation. With an eye for detail and the know how that comes with years of experience, our coders efficiently provide a medical bill review that results in reports that are clear, to the point, and indispensable.

The Bottom Line
Medical bill reviews help you understand the bottom line. Med Legal uses the medical bills to compile a useful list of all charges – tallied and totaled. All duplicate billings, explanation of benefits, and non-related medical charges are sorted out based on ICD-9 information so you can be confident that the total is a true reflection of actual charges.

Medical Bills vs. Medical Records
If you’re looking for more than just the bottom line, Med Legal’s coders and auditors in the Medical Billing Review Department can compare charges against the medical records to ensure that each service was actually rendered. Through this process, missing bills are identified and placed in a Missing Bills List for your convenience. Then, hospital charge masters and financial data, insurance explanation of benefits, and reference databases are used to determine the norms of costs and charges for procedures, treatments, medications, office visits, etc. for the region where services were provided.

Usual and Customary
The information our Medical Billing Review Team ascertains from the comparison of bills and records can be applied to decipher usual and customary (U&C) charges by individual and group physician practices, private and public hospitals, and insurance companies. The result: you get the usual and customary for each charge, clearly displayed and totaled next to the itemized actual charges.

Billing Audit
Med Bill Audittm (MBA) is Med Legal’s objective system for analyzing medical charges for appropriate allowable fees. Med Legal’s Medical Bill Review Team goes beyond a comparison of bills and medical records and takes bill review to the next level. Depending on your litigation needs, the actual and usual and customary charges can also be compared against reimbursement by alternative providers such as Medicare, Blue Cross, or an HMO, or against the amount that was paid by the patient or the insurance carrier.

Narrative Analysis
A narrative analysis of the billing audit is great resource for a more detailed audit to outline the methodology and highlight the issues identified that impact the damage portion of your case. With this helpful tool, our Medical Bill Review Team gives you the medical insight and research that is essential to your case.

This same practice can be applied to accurately determine future costs of medical expenses, allowing you to appropriately ascertain damages.

Expert Testimony
Med Legal can supply expert testimony to support a full Med Bill Audit for any case.

For a concrete solution to understanding your case’s medical bills, try Med Legal Consulting Source’s Medical Billing Review today. Contact us for details.

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Medical Record Review

Med Legal’s medical record review is a service provided by highly skilled, experienced, and trained legal nurse consultants. Clients receive professional reports generated by a team of medical experts whose trained eyes pull out the critical information that can make or break the case. Medical record review requires a very specific skill set that not all professionals possess; not even all nurses are capable of this responsible task. Med Legal’s team of legal nurse consultants is made up of the cream of the crop and each member has the necessary critical thinking skills, focus, clinical experience, and communication skills to be able to successfully complete the rigorous training that we require to join our team. As the leader in the medical record review industry, we are committed to continual improvement of our team and our services.

Medical record review can take on many different forms. Depending on the needs of our clients, we generate every kind of report from detailed medical chronologies to succinct medical summaries to insightful medical record analysis. All reports and services are customizable to meet the needs of our clients, but start with the foundation of a thorough medical record review.

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Medical Billing Error Legal Advice

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Medical-Legal Advice For Emergency Physicians

Pay attention to abnormal vital signs. Pay attention to abnormal lab results. And follow up on blood cultures.
These are among the tips that Dr. Gregory P. Moore, J.D., and Dr. Fredrick M. Abrahamian shared with ACEP News during a video interview, after their presentation on bad outcomes from several infectious disease cases.
They said that although medical-legal cases are part of the emergency physician’s work, awareness, education, and cautionary steps can minimize the chances of a lawsuit.

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